Policies and procedures are the backbone of any organization. Good organizations demonstrate a high level of professionalism in the light of the organizational policies. Having adequate and robust policies would mean the organization is on the path to growth and sustainability and the fact that donors and sponsors are more likely to work with organizations with strong organizational policies.

Knowing this very fact, the board members and the senior management of the BRDS had worked on the fundamental and mandatory policies of the organization and have come up with the following policies for adherence and compliance.

    • HR-Policy
    • Admin-policy
    • Financial-policy
    • Internal audit-policy
    • Program-policy
    • Program Implementation-policy
    • Gender-policy
    • Security Management-policy
    • Child safeguarding-policy
    • Code of Conduct-policy
    • Whistle blowing -policy
    • Protection from sexual exploitation and Abuse (PSEA)-policy
    • Meal-policy

      The above policies of the organization have evolved systematically over a period of approx. 12 years and are mostly reflective of the best practices and experience of the senior management and highly experienced board members