Mission & Vision


BRDS is committed to: raising self-reliant communities by helping them acquire greater control over their critical resources; carrying forward initiatives and concerns; harnessing their potentials through participatory people’s activities’ and empowering them through building their capacity with emphasis on women.


BRDS envisages an ideal life, where people from all races, creeds and backgrounds, without discrimination of their religion, status and values, have the prospect to serve and to be served in consideration with gender equality and respect for their rights and cultures.


  • Alleviate poverty of the ultra-poor and vulnerable communities to meet their basic needs of water, food, shelter, health, education, etc.
  • Establish local community based organizations and to enhance their capacity for collective voice and participatory development.
  • Introduce livelihood enhancement programs to ensure ultra-poor and vulnerable population starts earning income on-a-sustainable-basis.
  • Build community basic physical infrastructure, i.e. water, sanitation, irrigation, agriculture, road, etc. to improve living standards of the community and thereby improve their income.
  • Contribute to the primary, secondary and high school education by increasing access of children to school, by improving quality of education, and by ensuring parents and teachers’ active participation in improving children’s education.
  • Provide basic and reproductive health facilities and services in far-flung and disadvantaged areas of the province with primary emphasis on mother and child.
  • Initiate awareness raising and advocacy programs for the human rights of the children, women, youth, etc.
  • Contribute to natural resource management through awareness raising, capacity building, advocacy, introduction of innovative technology.
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to disaster affected areas in the province.


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