In the context of Balochistan, the school enrolment is low, drop-out rate is high, and standard of teaching is poor. Schools are inappropriately located and are in shambles. Great disappointment is expressed by the people about the whole system of education. In short, the education sector of the province is in a state of emergency and requires concerted efforts of the government and non-government organizations to fix the education not only in terms of quantity but also quality.

With the launch of the SDGs, more emphasis it laid on quality of education.

Taking notice of the above problems of the education sector in the province, BRDS set the following objective to address the education sector challenges and problems:

“To contribute to the primary, secondary, and high school education by increasing access of children to school, by improving quality of education, and by ensuring parents and teachers’ active participation in improving children’s education.”

In line with the education SDG, Article 25-A, the education policy, and the five-year education sector plan of the province, BRDS has been contributing to the education sector in the province.

BRDS’ achievement of the education sector until the end of 2017 is as follows:

# Interventions Total
1 Capacity enhancement trainings of school teachers 245
2 Enrollment of out-of-school children 2837
3 Development and capacity building of school management committees 78
4 Provision of WASH facilities in schools 114
5 Repair and renovation of school buildings 32
6 Provision of teaching and reading material and furniture in schools 205
7 Creation of community-run literacy centers for illiterate men & women 19
8 Establishment of community schools 13